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ICDCA Canaan Dog for the
Third Quarter 2012

Bandersnatch The Art of Detection


Robert Ardinger and Cheryl Kent


Anacan Beit Shemesh


CH Bandersnatch Rosendog Ida Know River Rock


Amanda M Pough, Judy March Rosenthal and Christina C Miller

Birth Date:

17 June 2009

For quite a while I had been hoping to add another Canaan Dog to our family, but my husband Bob was not sure he was ready for another dog.  I showed him Holmes’ puppy photo, a front head shot, showing a little dusting of white on his nose, and told him Amanda Pough thinks he would be a great match for us.  We had been interested in getting a mostly black dog with white markings.  Bob said Holmes’ didn’t have enough white on him, so I showed him another photo of puppy Holmes in a quiet moment, with his white lightning bib showing, and that seemed to sway Bob in the right direction.  When we arrived at the home where we were meeting Amanda to pick up Holmes, we talked with Amanda a bit and then she called Holmes into the room, and he went straight to Bob, put his front paws on Bob’s knees and gazed into Bob’s eyes.  It was love at first sight, and he’s been Bob’s little boy from that point on! 

Holmes is the baby of the family as he is the youngest and is now 3 years old.  Blossom, our female is the oldest at 9 years, and Macey, also a male Canaan Dog, is 7.   Holmes took to Blossom right away, as Macey was simply tolerating him and hoping he was temporary.  Despite their age differences, they play a lot and Blossom loves to chase Holmes around our fenced back yard.  Holmes likes to squiggle under the deck and peek out at Blossom to tease her, and she gets upset and throws her paws down and barks at him to come out, at which point he comes out flying and chases her all around. 

One of the things I love about Holmes is how much he dotes on Bob.  Every night, he joins Bob to watch TV before bedtime.  Bob likes to lie on the floor and Holmes cuddles up under Bob’s arm with his head on Bob’s shoulder.  Holmes also loves to give Bob what I call the “head press.”  He will come up when Bob is lying down, either on the bed or on the floor and lean down and press his head real hard into Bob’s forehead or shoulder, to let Bob know he either wants to go out, or wants a treat, the treat being the most likely!   Bob has to struggle a bit to get up off the floor due to a disability, and Holmes moves under him, offering help.  Bob also has falls at times, and Holmes always rushes to Bob’s side to be sure he is okay. 

Whenever Bob is out with Holmes for a walk, Holmes is very protective, and doesn’t like the leash.  If they are out early in the morning, a neighbor with her two little black dogs joins them in the park.  The owner likes Holmes and Bob lets him off the leash and then Holmes is comfortable and plays with the two little black dogs, letting them run and jump on him.  

We are so thankful Amanda brought Holmes into our lives, he is extremely sweet, takes food from your hand with the gentlest touch, and loves to go up on his hind legs and put his paws on your chest and gaze into your eyes.  He also loves to sneak up on either of us, and put his head under our arm, sending our arm flying off of whatever we were doing, typing articles like this one, for example!  He is our very special boy! 


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